(Registration # VIZBOA)
April 25 - May 2, CANCELLED due to low registration
A vision board is a visualization tool of your biggest goals, dreams or project ideas created with pictures, words, and other items. In this workshop, you will receive guidance in the form of writing exercises to organize your thoughts to create goals and better determine your true desires.  Once you vocalize your true goals, you will find or create the imagery to create a visual representation of your dreams.  You will then cut, paste and arrange these images in the form of a vision board that can serve as your north star in creating the life you want. Create your own vision board to clarify and help manifest your dreams in this 3-hour workshop. (via Zoom)

Please see below regarding supplies and materials needed as well as payment information.
11x14 or 9x12 inch Bristol Board or stretched canvas/canvas board
Pen or pencil
Plain White Paper
Printed Images - needed/used on the second day of class (explained on 1st day of class)
Optional materials: eraser, ruler, markers, watercolours, pencil crayons, mixed media or watercolour paper
How to Register (please read Policies before purchasing):
Send $60 for the workshop to via e-transfer.  Please indicate in the message the registration number above.  After registration and payment are complete you will receive the Zoom info on how to join the workshop.
Read the Zoom Workshop/Class Policies & Procedures.
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