Who Are The Creative People In Your Neighbourhood?
How well do you know your neighbours? I admit that I don’t really know mine, and that’s why I decided to create the ‘Who Are The Creative People in Your Neighbourhood?’ podcast. There are many artists, musicians, illustrators, designers, makers, crafters, etc. in my city but who are these people and what do they do exactly? I aimed to find out, and find out I did the huge amount of talent and skills my community has hidden inside it.
‘Who Are The Creative People in Your Neighbourhood?’, or WATCPIYN? for short, is a series of 8 sessions about creative people where I live (Coquitlam, BC). What does it take to be and live as a creative person? We’ll find out and learn about their achievements, hurdles, personal views on the subject. But more importantly we'll hear about what they did to get to where they are and acquire advice if you wish to do something similar and follow in their footsteps.
Although it highlights creatives living/working in Coquitlam, the podcast is free and available for everyone. So please share this news and info to all your crafty, artistic-minded or interested friends and family. Anyone can be inspired by listening to creatives doing their thing and living their authentic lives!
Episode 1 - We speak to a pollinator artist and illustrator. This passionate creative's paintings and illustrated cards are centred around advocating for bees and teaching people about these wonderful animals.
Episode 2 - We chat with a professional musician who has recorded with other established musicians on multiple albums and makes a part-time living tutoring the next generation of musical artists.
Episode 3 - We interview a film and theatre actor and founder of the Asian Canadian Artists Alliance who has held many roles (in film, theatre and otherwise) in order to land him various and exciting opportunities.
Episode 4 - We talk with an Illustrator who is an active member of the local community.  As someone who has many years working in a few creative industries, she is also passionate about hosting Creative People Talking - a space for other creatives to communicate, exchange ideas and to promote collaborations.
Episode 5 - We pick the brain of a successful Fashion Designer whose clothes have been worn by celebrities on the Academy Awards' Red Carpet.
Episode 6 - We speak with a woodworker and handbag maker who are married to each other. They may share a home, but necessarily a studio.  We find out how they navigate daily living and how their work has shaped their lives together.
Episode 7 - We talk to an multi-disciplinary artist who has overcome many challenges to author a cookbook and other collaborative publishing projects with other artists.
Episode 8 - We chat with a special needs teacher who uses his musical background to develop creative music video-based projects with his students.
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