(Registration # WGCCON)
Wednesday, 6:30-8PM, May 24
In this beginner workshop, you will learn to create a colour gradient using water-based markers, pencils or paints to create a background for your Cutout Card.  After creating the gradient, you will then cut, paste and arrange paper elements to assemble the cutouts and card. Lettering and star templates will be provided.  (via Zoom)

Star and Lettering Template
Watercolours, Watercolour Pencils or Watercolour Brush Pens 2 colours (make sure colours are bright and different from each other…)
Plain White 4.25 x 5.5 inch Card + Envelope
Mixed media Paper
Coloured Cardstock
2x sided Tape
Small Brush
Silver/Gold Pen
Glue Stick
Washi, Masking or Scotch Tape
Cutting Mat or thick cardboard
Exacto (small) or Craft Knife
Small container of water
No time to source the art supplies?  Save time and money… For small fee, I can create an Art Kit for you!
* Your Art Kit will include all supplies listed above except the scissors, mat, knife and container of water. For the water-based materials, you will receive 2 brush pens with colours that complement each other and work well together.
How to Register (please read Policies before purchasing):
Workshop without art kit: Send $30 for the workshop to via e-transfer.  Please indicate in the message the registration number above.  After registration and payment are complete you will receive the Zoom info on how to join the workshop.
Workshop with art kit: Send me a message.  Please indicate in the message the registration number above and let me know that you wish t have an art kit.  I will email you back with the art kit and postage price and further instructions.
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